The Leader’s Toolbox

Who we are

For more than twenty years we have helped companies and health care organizations develop their internal talent to address their most critical challenges. We work with for profit and healthcare organizations as well as non-profit organizations. We do not focus on personality style assessments, 360 degree feedback, competencies, team building exercises, or motivational sessions. Instead we believe that leadership has specific deliverables, is a shared responsibility, requires the use of new language and tools, is a teachable and predictable process and is best when people effectively solve the organization’s most critical issues. We …

  • Build highly engaged organizations that focus on the right stuff
  • Create the internal leadership capacity to tackle the mounting challenges
  • Get departments and functions aligned with a new strategy
  • Create an effective leadership team
  • Achieve working relationships between organization entities

Leading for a change

We support organization and healthcare leaders to grow and transform their organizations to win and to achieve the Triple Aim. We change the way organizations pursue the future. We develop strategies to engage employees and healthcare professionals to accomplish the organization’s most important work. Our objective is to help your people realize the benefits of change as quickly and easily as possible.

We guarantee that our leadership development and coaching work will exceed your expectations. If you are not happy with our work in these areas we will return the fee.

Why can we offer you this guarantee?

We spent many years developing our approach as described in our book, Leading for a Change: How to Master the Five Challenges Faced by Every Leader. Through our work in psychology, strategy, human resources, and change management we developed an approach both in our practice principles and the way we work with clients that maximizes our impact and reduces the time it takes to successfully implement change.