What is different about this organization change/leadership development approach?

Most organizations we work with already invested in leadership and talent management programs but are not getting the results they look for. There are typically several reasons for this:

  • The methods don’t connect strategy and leadership capability with execution.
  • The training methods are ineffective to help people make change
  • We focus more on action and execution than insight
  • We expect people at most organization levels to take an active role in the change/growth process—not just those at the top
  • We have the flexibility of working with individuals one-on-one to working with the whole organization in the room

Why did you develop this approach?

I used the traditional leadership development and change management approaches and found they did not impact organization performance in a significant manner. They focused too heavily on the people at the top. The development approaches don’t fit how people really learn. People often could not see the connection between the expected changes they were to make with changes needed to be made by the whole organization. I realized most of us overuse our strengths. Some people are good at strategy by not engagement. Others are good at engagement but not execution. Making it easier for leaders to do all three is the secret to improved performance.

How do you measure the results of your work?

All of our work with you is designed to make a difference. We have used a number of more conventional approaches only to have them fail to meet the intended objectives or not be sustainable. If you follow our methodologies, we guarantee a change in business performance. In the coaching process we measure performance on a monthly basis by getting feedback not only from the coachee’s boss, but from other designated stakeholders. In our Strategic Leadership Tools program we target specific business issues that must be addressed. The resolution of these issues gets a formal approval from senior leadership. We also guarantee that there will be higher levels of employee engagement. Our large scale and functional/business planning processes are designed to get people thinking bigger and more globally. We also create forums in which senior leaders formally approve the course of action.

How did you develop these approaches?

I come to this work with a broad background in psychology, human resources, and organization change. The synthesis of these three disciplines provides a unique approach to understand how people and organizations function. We spent ten years developing Strategic Leadership Tools. We discovered that people become more successful by learning how to tackle real-life challenges rather than trying to improve their own behaviors. They develop insights about themselves and create new opportunities by successfully accomplishing work they never thought they could do. If we simplify that process, they gain the confidence and competence to do the more complex work. This is critical for organization growth and change.

Who do you like to work with?

We like partnering with senior leaders who are passionate about growing their business, learning and change. We have worked with leaders in healthcare, financial institutions, construction companies, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, government, academic institutions.