What we think

Our six development principles

  1. Engage people to do the organization’s most critical work…avoid that which does not provide competitive advantage.
  2. Provide powerful new language, tools and processes to help people work through the complex work
  3. Ensure a financial return from the investment dollars for leadership/change management development
  4. Take as little time as possible away from the work setting…yet enough time to make a significant difference
  5. Grow organization talent so people can more easily and quickly adapt to change
  6. Guarantee results


Our development approach is counterintuitive…yet powerful

  • Focus on building organization-wide leadership vs. developing individual skills
  • Focus on organization issues rather than individual skill/personality issues
  • Create a crucible for growth and change
  • Provide coaching support
  • Focus on action vs anlysis
  • Expect people to work at a higher level….and they will


The Leader’s Toolbox results formula:

The Leaders’ Toolbox Strategy


1.Arm large numbers of people with the necessary language, tools so they can make the change more easily. Traditional professional education does not prepare people to do change work; the Toolbox reduces resistance, politics, and makes it much easier for people to collaborate
2. Give people challenging, difficult, strategic and important work. Most people are asked to carry out more limited work. This reduces morale and leaves them feeling unimportant. Organizations can get a greater return on their investment in people if they ask them to do more important work.
3. Create practice fields People need an opportunity to experiment with new learning so they can become more comfortable taking risks and trying things out. Support new efforts with coaching so that people get a sense of success.
4. Hold people accountable for implementing change Make sure that people use what they have learned and that they are constantly looking for new ways to make their jobs, functions, and organizations successful