Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence



Why I wrote Getting Unstuck:

Too often we imagine the reason people find it difficult to implement change or work productively together is because there are personality issues or personal inadequacies. What keeps us and the organizations we work for from being successful however are often encountered universal paradoxes that require us to work through them from a different perspective…one which we unlikely learned from our personal or professional experience. Getting Unstuck provides easy to learn and use approaches to the things that often matter the most, but defy realization or resolution.

Benefits of the book

The new tools and approaches to organizational issues in this book make it far easier to implement change. They can be used by leaders to focus on the controversial areas and to establish strategic objectives. Human Resource professionals will find the tools invaluable for group facilitation and coaching for individuals. Professionals will find the tools helpful to work through controversy.

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Ralph has worked with small and large audiences and has presented his work internationally. His approaches to paradox will be particularly useful for those organizations and associations seeking effective approaches for

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Culture change
  • Transformation
  • Employee engagement
  • Organization alignment
  • Innovation
  • Leadership development

You will find Ralph’s paradox work insightful, entertaining, and powerful. Audiences leave with fresh approaches to understanding why they are “stuck” and are then given powerful tools that will help them and their organizations find an easier path to reach their objectives.