Ralph Jacobson of The Leader’s Toolbox provides audiences with powerful, practical, and insightful insights to help them reframe their futures. He doesn’t urge people to believe or inspire them to be great. Rather, he helps them see their realities with a new set of eyes and shows them what they can do.

He has presented at numerous national conferences such as the American Hospital Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Medical Group Management Association, National Association of County Organizations, American Association of Medical Colleges, Association of Colon Rectal Surgeons, Society of Human Resource Managers, American Management Association, and the Board of the American Medical Association.


Even Leaders Need a Map

You know a great vision is important to your future success. Now that you have it, how do you make that change in your personal life, job, or organization a reality? Ralph shares his powerful, proven and practical Leader’s Map™ that has already helped many individuals and companies reframe their futures.

By the conclusion of the keynote, each member of the audience has an opportunity to build the specific steps they will take on their own journey around The Leader’s Map™. Beyond helping individuals, Ralph provides common language and a leadership process that significantly helps organizations lower their internal silos, utilize their people more effectively, and significantly paves the way to achieving success.

No time to lead? Here’s why. Here’s how!

Leaders don’t have the time to do the important stuff. It’s not you, just life getting in the way. See the roadblocks we face and learn how to create an environment that allows us to do more important and meaningful work. Leaders learn that there are three roles they play everyday—and they compete with each other for time. The role that is the most important usually finds itself in last place. People learn how to free up more time to devote to the more important leadership work.

Between a rock and a hard place? No need! How to deal with paradox

Many leaders get to the top positions because they are experts at solving difficult problems. But once there, they find that many of these approaches no longer bring about the successes of the past. That’s because most of the important organization issues leaders have to address are not really problems—they are paradoxes. Ralph teaches how to distinguish a problem from a paradox. In this truly engaging session, he provides a powerful and effective way to help leaders address the organization, role, and personal dilemmas that have kept them up at night. Participants always experience a deep ahaa. They learn how to manage their way out of those times when they find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

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