Leadership Development

We build the leadership capacity of your organization to take on more strategic and complex work. We identify the necessary skills and work with front line people to senior leadership as necessary so that you can more nimble and better able to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

How do we do this? We spent ten years developing and perfecting this program. Why? Because we found that the more conventional methods were not getting our clients the results they wanted. So how is this program different from all other leadership and change management programs?

Comparison of conventional approaches with Strategic Leadership Tools

Conventional leadership development/ change management programs Strategic Leadership Tools So What?
Objective Improve individual capability Solve major business problems Easily demonstrate/impact business improvement
Audience Primarily top layers Middle management through top management Simplifies strategic execution
Purpose Improve individual leader capabilities Create network of effective leaders Reduces organization silos and resistance to change, streamlines communication,
Content A few limited models or toolsCustomized to small group or assessment/remediation of individual leader skills Broad range of practical tools necessary to implement new business initiatives—provide everyone with similar tools/methods/language Less expensive, more efficient, comprehensive set of skills/tools
Impact Indirect relationship to business performance Direct relationship to business improvement and performance Better:

  • Decision-making
  • Cross-silo teamwork
  • Levels of engagement
  • Speed to action
Cost Customized platform Common platform Less cost/Guarantied ROI
Speed Takes long time—if ever Almost immediate Becomes self-reinforcing


Our Strategic Leadership Tools development experience is a flexible one-half day to three day simulation for people who want to improve business performance and see results quickly. It provides manager to senior level leaders the language, tools, and approaches to help their organizations address the most important issues. Through this process, participants

  • Learn a broad range of tools to help them more easily undertake complex work
  • See that leadership is a repeatable, learnable, measurable, improvable and institutional process
  • Develop critical business skills and language that helps them work across historical organization silos
  • Increase the competence and confidence to undertake more challenging work

In addition to classroom training, the information is available through webinars and virtually on line 24/7 for members.

The Strategic Leadership Tools program is guaranteed. If we do not make a difference to your organization, your money will be refunded.

Strategic Leadership Tools Overview

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