We work with successful senior managers to C-level people who wish to become even more successful. We work with individuals from the strategic to the deeply personal. We don’t change people. We give them more options to address the challenges in front of them. In addition to our proprietary tools, we use well-established leadership, coaching, and business practices models. We help leaders:

  • Clarify what they wish to achieve and the steps to get there
  • Increase their personal power
  • Develop commitment with critical stakeholders
  • Increase organization success
  • Determine how they will capitalize on their strengths
  • Rehearse new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Achieve a more balanced life

We focus on specific behavioral improvement targets, involve critical stakeholders in the process, and measure the level of improvement. We are so confident regarding the improvement in leadership behaviors, that we offer a guarantee! If you do not achieve your coaching goals, we will return your entire coaching fee.

For more information see Smart Leader Coaching Overview