Change Management

Technical knowledge doubles every two years. There will be 20,000 years of change over the next 100 years. Those organizations that learn how to adapt to change are the ones that will survive and thrive. There will also be a significant shortfall of leaders to drive the change.

We teach manager and above level employees the skills to execute change—to positively impact business and people performance. We provide the language, tools, and processes to be able to do more complex work—and then expect people to use them to make a big difference. We teach people how to turn strategic intent into executable actions that create sustainable results. Senior leaders then have greater bandwidth to focus on longer-range and more critical issues. We reduce organization arthritis to create more engaging work places.

Adapting to change is a skill—we know how to develop people to do that work. Here’s how we do this…

Organization assessment

We’ll talk with your employees, customers, and suppliers as necessary to determine your strengths and areas for development. The assessment provides the insights and foundation necessary to understand what needs to be accomplished. We pinpoint what you need to do now.


We’ll determine where you want to go—and working closely with you, determine the best ways to get there.

Leadership Effectiveness

Collaborative leadership—the ability of many people to work together to accomplish leadership work—determines how well organizations are able to adapt to change and thrive. The ability to work across silos creates unique organization capabilities that improve the organization’s ability to provide unique products and services and/or produce them in more efficient manner. We improve the intelligence of individuals to be able to do this kind of work.

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Most functional leaders are expert in their own fields. They may be excellent functional heads. But what are senior leaders supposed to accomplish together? We help leaders work together and define the leadership work and how they work together as a team to deliver it. Our innovative approach enables leaders to better understand what the rest of the organization needs from them and then we work with them to ensure that they deliver.

When senior leaders partner with one another more effectively, it enables the CEO/President to become more effective. It reduces many of the organization’s internal silos. It improves organization morale.

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