What We Find

Most leaders are

  • Not working on those things that will get them desired results
  • Frustrated with the time it takes to implement new initiatives…and the results they subsequently achieve

Physician leaders

  • Have trouble finding the time to do leadership work
  • Are frustrated by their relationships with administrative leaders
  • Struggle to implement new models of care

Most employees find…

  • It challenging to partner with people in other functions and divisions
  • They have insufficient time to work on the more critical issues
  • They may not possess the requisite leadership skills to address the organizations most critical issues


  • Coach high performing individuals need to improve their leadership and management skills to be successful in a new role
  • Support the establishment of new partnerships and external relationships need to improve competitiveness
  • Improve the effectiveness of the senior leadership teams
  • Build the capacity of your people to implement new programs and projects
  • Strengthen leadership talent

In healthcare organizations we:

  • Enroll physicians to actively engage in more efficient and effective care delivery
  • Create teams at the clinic and organization levels
  • Implement healthcare home and other models of care
  • Build strong department and service line leadership