In the leadership arena, Ralph is as good as it gets.

-Ken Shelton, editor Executive Excellence Magazine


The program was so well timed and relevant to our current situation. Exceptionally well done.

-Jim Coleman, Chief Operating Officer, Marshfield Clinic


Your workshop was well worth the entire registration fee for the summit.

-Corporate University Leadership Summit conference


“Best speaker we have had in the last year and a half.”

-Institute for Clinical Systems

Ralph Jacobson presented at our three day Corporate University Summit conference. The response to his presentation was outstanding. Many people noted that he delivered the best presentation. His work is practical, insightful, and makes it easier to implement change.

-Kristin Marinec, conference director, International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)

Wonderful presentation. Your insights into the healthcare community as a whole give you credibility with our group. It is no surprise that your presentation ranked as one of the highlights. You connected with physicians and gave them great take-home messages.

-Alice Sanborn, Bush Medical Fellows Program

The work Ralph presented is straightforward and can be used quickly back at my job

-Participant Linkage conference. It is thought provoking and practical


The Leader’s Toolbox gave us the ability to address the challenges in our marketplace.

-Stephen D’Angelo, President dck construction